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Our Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

An integrated team of experienced professionals in the areas of Biomedical Research, Engineering, Healthcare Delivery, Device Development and profitable Business Start-Up.

Les Head Shot - MyACTome.jpg
Chief Executive Officer
Les N. Dace

Les is an electrical engineer with over 30 years experience leading start-up companies to profitability.  He has lead multiple sales, marketing, and engineering teams to successful product launches.

He has served as CEO of three healthcare companies providing mission critical software and hardware applications to hospitals and home health care companies. 

Marc Head Shot.jpg
Chief Strategy Officer
Marc Jacofsky, PhD

Marc is an expert in musculoskeletal anatomy and biomechanics with 15 years of experience managing orthopedic research programs and operations including motion analysis of orthopedic and elderly patients, robotic testing of joint replacements and large-scale clinical trials. 


Dr. Jacofsky has also been issued over 25 US patents for his technological innovations.

Thurmon Lockhart.jpg
Senior Scientific Advisor
Thurmon E. Lockhart, PhD

Thurmon is a professor of Biomedical Engineer-ing at Arizona State University, and Research Affiliate Faculty at Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and ScienceHis extensive peer-reviewed works centers on the identification and quantification of sensori-motor deficits and movement disorders associated with aging and neurological disorders on fall accidents.

Many of his research publications can be viewed on our website at the "publications tab".

Chris Frames.png
Chief Technology Officer
Christopher Frames, PhD Candidate

Chris is currently a PhD candidate at the Arizona State University, School of Biological and Health Systems Engineering.  He served as a research fellow at the Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center at Barrow Neurological Institute researching incidence of falls in movement disorder patients, the decrease in motor control and response capabilities.


He is well versed in the quantification of sensori-motor deficits, fall risk identification, and disorders associated with aging, translating this expertise into mobile applications.

rahul copy.png
Clinical Movement Advisor
Rahul Soangra, PhD

Rahul is an Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy at Chapman University, and Bio-Medical Engineer.  His research has been focused on improving the overall quality of life of elderly patients by developing novel rehabilitation strategies, and developing wearable technlogy associated with quantification of human movements.


His work at MyActome has been to help in the design of the hardware that will process the proprietary algorithms and software for our technology.

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