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The Lockhart Monitor is the foundation of what makes our app so powerful.  The proprietary algorithms that drive the application are so advanced and sophisticated that it once required a room full of computers to do the computations . . . . now, all you need is your Smartphone and MyACTome.

Walking and Gait Measurements

Peforming a simple walking pattern, MyACTome can predict with amaz-ing accuracy your potential for suffering a devasting fall.

Monitor #1.png

Postural Stability


Your risk of falling is dramatically increased when you suffer from instability.  MyACTome detects that instability and will predict your risk of a future fall.

Knowing that you are at risk for a fall allows you to mitigate that risk by doing exercises specifically targeted at the source of the instability.

MyACTome can even suggest specific exercises based on you pattern of instability and fall risks.

Monitor #3.png
Fall Prevention.png
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